Be our guest this SUNDAY morning



What should I expect?

Joyful Worship: if our sins are forgiven and Jesus is risen from the dead, we have much to celebrate. We sing songs that are rich in meaning and represent various cultures and styles.
Jesus-Centered Teaching: our sermons are honest and authentic and focus on the grace of our God, the greatness of Jesus, and the power of the Spirit to help ordinary people live the Christian life together in community. Some of our series focus on relevant topics, others take us through a book of the Bible, and others focus on the vision of the church. We also address common objections to the Christian faith during the sermon. That means searchers and skeptics are welcome.
Powerful Prayer: we all struggle to walk through life and to follow Jesus. At the end of our service, we offer prayer to anyone who wants to be lifted up.


What do I wear?

Dress-up or Dress-down. We don't have a preference. Some people wear suits and Sunday dresses. Others wear shorts and flip-flops. People come from a variety of backgrounds and feel comfortable coming to church dressed in various ways. We think being there is more important than what you wear.


What about our kids?

New City Kids is our ministry to infants and children. Kids join their parents while we sing, then the New City Kids team leads the kids to classrooms right next to the worship gathering for a time of Bible stories, crafts, singing and time on the playground. Safety and fun are our top priorities. Parents pick their kids up right after the service at 11:30am.