Explore Our Vision:


  • GATHERING to joyfully worship King Jesus. (Audio | Video)

  • GOING out to proclaim and demonstrate God's kingdom among all people, sectors of society and spheres of life. (Audio | Video)

Our vision guides and inspires us towards where we are going. The vision of the future informs our experience in the now.

We envision a blended family of diverse people gathering together to joyfully worship King Jesus and going out to proclaim and demonstrate God’s Kingdom among all people, sectors of society and spheres of life.

Explore Our Mission:


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Our mission is what we are doing in the present to work towards our vision of the future. 

We exist to make disciples of all people in the reconciling Good News of Jesus Christ through Gospel proclamation (salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone) and Kingdom demonstration (Spirit-led deeds of love, justice and mercy).

Explore Our Values:

ROOTED in the Gospel Word

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New City is grounded & growing in the Bible's Good News. The Holy Bible reveals to us the story we are in, a four-part drama of creation, fall, redemption and renewal. We are part of a much bigger story than our own lives, but this story gives each of our lives incredible meaning, direction, and purpose. Therefore, we are a “people of the book”. We admit, by our culture’s standards, the Bible seems to say some crazy stuff. But we don’t take our cues from the culture, but rather from Scripture. We’re not editors of Scripture. Rather, we’re called to live out the truth of the story that it tells us we are in, a story that is all about Jesus.

EMPOWERED by Gospel News

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New City is motivated by the Good News of the King. The Good News changes everything…including us. Through the life, death, resurrection, ascension and promised return of Jesus, we become a people of hope, joy and humble confidence. Because Jesus has taken on our guilt, covered our shame, and sacrificially loved us, we are no longer motivated by guilt, shame or fear. Rather, we are empowered by the freedom forgiveness brings, the joy of being children of God, and the certainty of God’s commitment to His promises.

SENT on Gospel Mission

New City is called to cross cultures with the Good News. Jesus calls us together to worship him, but sends us out to be ambassadors of His kingdom. By nature, the church is a “sent” people. Therefore, we aren’t pew sitters. We’re called to go out and reach people with the message of the Gospel. But we’re not called just to “our people”, but all people. This means we intentionally cross cultures, break down barriers, and move towards people who may be different than ourselves. Jesus is gathering disciples from every tongues, tribe, people and nation, and so we go out to join in his mission. 

Why the name New City Fellowship?

The book of Revelation presents a compelling picture of where human history is headed. The Apostle John writes about a Holy City, the New Jerusalem filled with forgiven people from every tribe, nation, and tongue -- a blended family of diverse people united in Jesus to worship Him. Then this diverse group of redeemed people are welcomed into face-to-face Fellowship with God in a New City, where He will wipe every tear from their eyes… and where there will be no need for a light because Jesus will light up this New City of God.

In East Hollywood and Hallandale, 1 in 3 people were born outside of the United States. The residents have come from all over Central and South America, Haiti, Jamaica, Canada, and Eastern Europe. Half speak English in their home, while the rest speak Creole, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Russian. But more than 50% of this culturally diverse population is not associated with a religious congregation of any kind.

Dream with us for a minute. What if we caught a glimpse of that future New City - a vibrant and peaceful city - right here and now in Hollywood and Hallandale? What if this diverse group of people broke through the cultural, ethnic, and language barriers that usually divide us? What if Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Haitians, Canadians, Russians, and Colombians got together to ascribe worth to Jesus, united by the One who paid the price for their sin? What if Hispanic, African-American, and Caucasian people made a commitment to care for one another in love? What if Jamaican, Portuguese, and Jewish people regularly attended church together and welcomed each other into their homes? What if…?

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