VISION Mission Values #2 | What is our vision?


You'll remember from yesterday that vision is the compelling picture of the future that we dream about that drives us forward as a church.

So what is our vision? What do we dream about?

We envision a blended family of diverse people gathering together to joyfully worship King Jesus and going out to proclaim and demonstrate the Good News of God’s Kingdom among all people, sectors of society and spheres of life.

Imagine people young and old; black, white and latino; folks with fat wallets and those pinching pennies; persons whose heart language was Spanish, English, Creole and New Yorker (bad-a-bing!) GATHERING TOGETHER.

Why are all these different people gathering together? They don't seem to have one particular thing in common. They don't appear to be a special interest club or a life stage group. What is drawing them together?

The worship of Jesus!


Though they don't share life stage, skin color, first language, cultural norms, or are in the same tax bracket, they gather together on Sundays to lift up the name of the One who died on the cross and rose again on their behalf. This diverse people have come to joyfully worship King Jesus.

But when they come, they don't come as spiritual consumers looking to have a privatized worship experience. Rather, they gather to be TOGETHER as they worship. There is a genuine bond between them because of their commonality in Jesus. They are a blended family of diverse people.


But this blended family does more than gather. They GO OUT. It's not just about the hour and a half together on Sunday. They leave the church building with a purpose. They go out to their families, neighbors and friends. They go out to their workplaces, and special interest groups. They go out to their neighborhoods in all parts of the city.


To proclaim and demonstrate the Good News of the Kingdom of God. In the coming of Jesus, God's Kingdom was introduced in a profound way. In Jesus' life, God's Kingdom of love, righteousness, goodness, justice and mercy was lived out. In Jesus' death, sinners were rescued from the kingdom of darkness and brought into this new Kingdom. And in Jesus' resurrection, the new life of the Kingdom was brought into people's hearts with power.


And so these people go out as Good News people, telling others about what God has done in Jesus. And demonstrating that Kingdom through deeds of love, justice and mercy.

Can you see it? Can you imagine what it would be like as this becomes reality? Can you embrace this vision?

This week, we'll explore our vision more. Tomorrow we'll talk more about a "blended family of diverse people".

Pastor John

Prayer:  Jesus, help us to understand our vision, that we may pursue it in our lives and church.