Team Night | Friday 8/30

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When it comes to volunteering, the Miami area is last in the country. That’s right.

Bryan Troupe writes, “When it comes to citizens who volunteer, Miami ranks dead last. This is an extraordinary and sobering statistic. How could this happen? Aren’t citizens of Miami interested in giving their time for a fellow human being?

“According to, 15.2% of Miami residents volunteer, which ranks 51st out of 51 large cities. Out of that miniscule amount of citizens that do volunteer, the average amount of time that citizens volunteer is only 17.8 hours – which ranks 50th out of 51 large cities.”

Why is that? It is probably a mixture of make-up and mindset. Troupe lists many challenges that Miami citizens have in volunteering due to the make-up of our region. But I wonder how the Miami area mindset plays into it all?

Someone once said that South Floridians are commitment-phobic. We are always looking for the next big thing and don’t want to be tied down to anything in case something better comes along.

But when everyone has that mindset, no one can count on anyone else, and hype has to accompany everything to keep people’s attention. Though that may be the part of the Miami mindset, I picture something different for our church.

I picture a blended family of diverse people who are gathering to joyfully serve each other, who are proud to be part of this particular church, and who show up to spread enthusiasm and care for others. Rather than constantly looking for the next big thing, people commit to build our church into a solid family.

That’s really what Team Night is about.

Team Night is an evening of training and strategizing for our ministry teams. New volunteers will join teams and learn the ropes. Team leaders will show you how the team serves. Everyone will brainstorm together about how to improve the ministry.

The last time we had a team night at the church, we found the very next Sunday that each team had a significant boost in ministry capacity and clarity. New volunteers found their place in the church. And the body of Christ was built up.

Team Night is Friday evening, August 30th at 6:30pm. We’ll have childcare along with a hot dog, soda and chip dinner. Just let us know you’re coming.

Thank you!

Pastor John

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