Mark 6:53-56

by Pastor John

Didn't we already hear this story? Isn't Mark getting a little redundant? Why are the stories of healings so repetitive? Because the backdrop matters.

Imagine you're walking along a path and see one flower. It is beautiful. But then you see a second flower. It is beautiful as well, but you already saw one that looked pretty similar. You keep walking and see another flower. By this point, you don't really take a second look, but continue on your way.

Then you notice something you hadn't noticed before. You broaden your perspective beyond the path and the flowers and notice that everything else, every single thing is burnt, scorched to ashes and black. How could you have missed it? The backdrop behind the flowers is evidence of something horrific happening. But the backdrop makes each flower more beautiful and powerful.

The backdrop for each of Jesus' healing is a broken world scorched by sin and cursed under the Fall. And this makes each miracle more beautiful and powerful.

Mark is showing us over and over that even against the backdrop of an evil and broken world, Jesus is powerful and he won't be stopped.