QCommons: an event for thoughtful engagement | Oct 25

Which of these more characterizes our country and cultural moment?

Labeling opponents OR loving people?
Writing someone off OR wrestling with a different perspective?
Drawing lines in the sand OR finding common ground?
Winning a debate OR welcoming a person?

Unless you've had your head in the sand, you've seen the polarization of people around politics, ideologies, and perspectives. Rather than dialoguing, we're demonizing.

Author Bob Goff says, “Find people you don’t understand and run towards them. I’ve spent my whole life avoiding people that Jesus spent his whole life engaging.”

That resonates with me. And I wonder if it resonates with you. If it does, I want to invite you to Q Commons.
On Thursday October 25th at 7pm, New City Fellowship is hosting Q Commons in partnership with Church United.

Q Commons is a two-hour TED talk style live event that is hosted simultaneously in cities across the globe. It will provide a space where the thoughtful can converge in a moment when the extremes get all the attention. The goal is to educate people on how they can bring hope and leadership to their communities in a critical moment for America. The event has a Christian center, but is designed to provoke thoughtful engagement no matter your beliefs.
The theme for this year’s event is “The Power of We”, focusing on how to engage, come together, and show hospitality across dividing lines. You’ll hear six short talks. Three talks will be from national speakers via telecast (including Bob Goff). Another three talks will be delivered by local leaders live at the event. The ticket cost is $19 per person.

We need to learn how to dialogue and show hospitality. We need to discuss how we discuss the issues. We need to take steps towards one another. We believe Q Commons is one of those steps, and we hope you’ll take that step with us by attending on October 25th. Please consider taking part of the conversation. More info is provided below.


Local Speakers:
“Radical Hospitality & Kingdom Opportunity”, Sean Bailey, Regional President of Apartment Life.
Ashleigh Cromer and Denis Estimon from Be Strong bullying prevention.
And another local speaker to be announced soon.
Tickets are $19.00 and can be purchased at http://qcommons.com/southflorida
Event Venue:
New City Fellowship
2740 Van Buren Street
Hollywood, FL 33020
Event Hosts:
New City Fellowship, Church United, Holy City Church and Knox Seminary
For more info: