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Recently I was talking to another pastor.

I asked him what he looked for in leaders in the church. He said, “Honestly, I just look for people who are doing normal Christian things.”

He went onto explain that many people who claim to practice Christianity are not practicing at all. Bible reading, prayer, showing up consistently, loving people… It is uncommon for people to do the common practices of normal Christians.

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 Why does this happen?

We are distracted in our connected world and don’t have time for ordinary things.

We are mesmerized by influencers and celebrities who seem larger than life. Everything they do seems grandiose and picture-perfect. Does this trend us towards curating our outward image rather than our souls?

We sometimes don’t know or forget how important the basics of Christianity are to growth.

And we don’t understand that the normal Christian practices things that seem quite common, yet those very things develop a person into something very uncommon. It is the practice of the ordinary that makes someone extraordinary.  

In “NORMAL CHRISTIAN: commons practices, uncommon people” we’ll explore some of the most basic rhythms and habits that, when done consistently, make normal persons into uncommon people. The series will teach people the common practices of Christianity that will help them grow into solid believers who know Jesus, their identity in him, and how to live a life pleasing to him.

-Pastor John