Neighborhood Outreach Saturday at 9am

Here are the top ten reasons to do the neighborhood walk on Saturday:

1. We love Jesus and want others to know him.

2. The neighborhood walk costs us nothing. Big outreach events cost $250-500.

3. It is kid-friendly, and you're also teaching children how to reach out to others.

4. Introverts don't feel the pressure of having to talk to people. They can participate as extroverts carry the conversation.

5. It is simple. We walk. We say hi. We pick up trash. We ask if there is anything we can pray for people about.

6. There are many people in our neighborhood who don't have Christian friends, who aren't part of a church, and who don't know Jesus.

7. It takes a little over an hour.

8. You get to know people better in our church.

9. Exercise. Walking with the Lord is good. But so is actual walking. :)

10. It is right in line with our vision of "going out to display King Jesus". We are literally going out from the building.
What else? Can you think of another reason why the neighborhood walk is a great idea? See you Saturday at 9am.