How do I study the Bible? | a four week study

How do I study the Bible?

The Bible is a book written by over 30 authors over 1500+ years in multiple styles of literature that starts in a garden and ends in a city. It can be difficult to read and study!

In this four week study, you'll learn how to see the Bible as a whole, how to break down and interact with a passage, how to apply it to your life, and how to discern wrong interpretations of the Bible.

This class will be especially helpful for new Christians who want to grow in their ability to read the Bible and grow in their faith.

Though questions like, "how do we know the Bible is true?" and "where did the Bible come from?" are great questions, this class will focus less on them and more on how to read the Bible.

April 4th: The Bible from 40,000 Feet - Understanding the story, flow and structure of the Bible.

April 11th: The Bible up close - how to interact with a passage and make observations to apply it to your life.

April 18th: Study a Book in the Bible - understanding the author's intent in writing the book and who he was writing it to.

April 25th: Truth and Counterfeits - discerning a wrong interpretation of the Bible.

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