Day of Prayer: Recap

Knowing that we need God's guidance and help, our launch team spent yesterday in prayer. Normally, we have a Wednesday morning prayer line every week, but we decided to expand this to three separate phone calls throughout the day. We needed more prayer.

In the morning, we prayed through the Lord's prayer together. At lunchtime, we focused on Revelation 21-22 and the name of our church, "NEW CITY Fellowship". In the New City, the nations enter into the New City together, where God and the Lamb sit on the throne, and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations. We asked God to make our church a preview of that coming city. In the evening, we prayed through the vision and values of our church.

Our team loved praying together. But what was just as exciting was that about 15 people, who were not part of our launch team, joined the prayer line throughout the day. We had folks as close as Hollywood, Pompano and FTL call in to pray with us. But people from as far away as Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville and D.C. joined us as well. What an encouragement!

Tonight at our #SentSummer meeting, we'll reflect on the prayertime and talk about where God is leading us this fall. We hope you can make it! God is moving this church planting project forward!