2017 Kick-Off this Sunday at 10am

This Sunday during our teaching time, we will look back at the ground we've covered and God's grace to us in 2016 and cast vision for the path that lays before us in 2017.

Right after our service ends (around 11:30am), we'll take a break to eat pizza, then gather to launch our small groups. We are excited about follow Jesus in 2017!

See you Sunday.

BLENDED: Biblical Stories of Reconciliation & Justice

If you missed our BLENDED series, catch all the sermons below via video or audio.

VIDEO via Youtube:

AUDIO via SoundCloud:

Our New Logo

Sunday, we revealed our new logo. Several verses shaped the logo. First, we believe that our future home is with God in the New City. In that city, their is no light, because the glory of Jesus Himself gives light to the city. But rather than checking out of our city and waiting for the life to come, we are to deeply engage in our city and seek it's good. When God's people were exiled from their homes into a foreign city, they thought they would return quickly to their homeland. But God encouraged to engage in the city, even though it wasn't their permanent home. So the logo represents both the New City that is to come, and our city that we love and serve.

Read the Scriptures behind the logo here.