Our New Logo

Sunday, we revealed our new logo. Several verses shaped the logo. First, we believe that our future home is with God in the New City. In that city, their is no light, because the glory of Jesus Himself gives light to the city. But rather than checking out of our city and waiting for the life to come, we are to deeply engage in our city and seek it's good. When God's people were exiled from their homes into a foreign city, they thought they would return quickly to their homeland. But God encouraged to engage in the city, even though it wasn't their permanent home. So the logo represents both the New City that is to come, and our city that we love and serve.

Read the Scriptures behind the logo here.

Romans 8:16-17 | Promoted

Many followers of Jesus think that they are saved by God, but then their ongoing position with God depends on them...their efforts, their sincerity, their prayer life. Whatever it is, their position with God is on their own shoulders.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Every follower of Christ is adopted into God's family and becomes a child of God, with full access to God as Father, and privy to all the rights and privileges that Jesus Himself has.

So the Christian life is not toiling to earn a promotion in status from God. Rather, it is living out of the promotion in status that Jesus has already won on your behalf.

In Christ, everything changes.

Join us Sunday to get some vision on the promises of God.

Romans 8:15 | Sons of God



The promise of POSITION...a secure position.

People get confused by the Bible saying that everyone is a "son" of God. It feels to be excluding women.

But the opposite is true. In Roman society, sons had a special position in the family, where daughters did not.

In Jesus Christ, both men and women go from being outsiders and slaves to sin, to receive the status of "son" in God's family through adoption.

And in that position, men and women followers of Christ are privy to all the privileges and rights of a full child of God, including the very things that have been guaranteed to Jesus Himself.

In Christ, everything changes.

Join us Sunday to get some vision on the promises of God.