FItness Fads and False Teaching

Fitness fads. You've seen them on infomercials. You've heard friends talk about them. Maybe you've even tried them.

Someone invents a new piece of equipment that promises to double your fitness with half the effort. Someone comes up with a new fitness routine that is more effective than the last (see "8-minute abs", then "7-minute abs", etc).

These are fitness fads that are based on gimmicks. In other words, it gets your attention, but lacks substance. You are promised what you want (to get in shape), but it doesn’t deliver.

The Bible talks over and over about gimmicks. The gimmick then gets your attention, but rather than just lacking substance, it leads you to something quite harmful: false teaching.

This brand of teaching uses the Bible and talks about Jesus. But it does so in a way that distorts the Bible and the work of Jesus.

Because many Christians lack discernment, they are drawn by gimmicks to false teaching and false teachers. But over and over again, we are in warned in Scripture by Jesus, Paul and others to watch out and beware the gimmicks.

This Sunday, we'll conclude our Cross Fit series. See you Sunday at 10:30am.