Bahamas Hurricane Relief

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New City,

it is heartbreaking to see the destruction Dorian caused in the Bahamas. Much like Hurricane Andrew forever altered the lives of people in Miami in 1992, Dorian has done the same.

Last Sunday, we talked about God as our Keeper and Protector. Some may look at the destruction and ask, “Where is God in all this?”

The answer is simple. He’s working through the local church. God works through His people. Over the past few days, I’ve seen an incredible response from churches in South Florida organizing supplies, emergency trips, and raising funds.

Our mercy team is organizing an effort to join in God’s movement of mercy for the Bahamas. We’re joining in to be a practical expression of God’s love for people in the Bahamas.

Please bring one of the following items to church tomorrow or the following week. We’ll make sure the items get to an organization who can put them in the hands of those who needs them most in the Bahamas.

Thanks so much.

Pastor John



-First-Aid Kids (and first-aid items).

-Baby Formula.