American Gospel Film Documentary | Starting Feb. 3

Did you know that much of what is taught in Christian churches is not Christian?

Many Christians are unaware of a category of teaching that the Bible calls “false teaching”. This brand of teaching uses the Bible and talks about Jesus. But it does so in a way that distorts the Bible and the work of Jesus.

Some downplay “doctrine” in favor of relationship and feelings, teaching that inspires, and a human-centered interpretation of the Bible. But the word “doctrine” simply means “teaching”. So any teaching is really doctrine. And if we get the teaching wrong, we get a false presentation of Jesus, a wrong view of what the Bible says, a distorted understanding of ourselves, and a “gospel” that doesn’t really save.

Why is false teaching not as recognizable? The documentary film “American Gospel” says it is unrecognizable because the distortion has become the norm. American Gospel examines the growing gap between what's taught in many churches and the true Gospel.

“American Gospel: In Christ Alone” will help you discern true Christianity from false Christianity and the real Gospel from the American-centered distortion. The film will be presented in parts over several weeks. Each week, we’ll watch part of the film, then stop to discuss and look at what the Bible truly teaches.

We invite you to come and grow in the art of Christian discernment, starting Wednesday, February 6th at 7pm at New City Fellowship.

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