by Pastor John

Mark 9:30-37

Jesus is the suffering servant, and to follow him means to be a servant.

What keeps you from serving others?

Self-protection? Pride? A desire for power?

What will enable you to serve others?

Beholding the Great Servant, Jesus, who served us by dying on the cross for our sins.

Take a moment to reflect on Scotty Smith's prayer below:

"Dear Lord Jesus, as I meditate on your Word this morning, once again I realize the gospel is the most counterintuitive, paradigm-shattering, worldview-transforming force in history. Because of you, true greatness is now measured in terms of being a servant rather than owning the estate. You have changed the value and price tags for everything....In our marriages, too often we come not to serve but to be served and to give our criticisms about many things. As leaders in your church, we tend to associate greatness with exercising power and authority rather than washing feet and nurturing your lambs. Forgive us, Lord Jesus. What a powerful Lord you are, redeeming the huge mess we’ve made of your world. What a gracious Savior you are, giving your life as the price for making all things new. We fall down before you, in awe of your humility and sacrifice for us. We rise to dance before you, as those upon whom you have lavished such great love, and so joyfully. Lord Jesus, only you can change our hearts, and grace always runs downhill—always. We tremble to ask this, but expose our pride, humble our attitudes, and soften our hearts. Make us prefer the hidden place of service over the public place of being noticed. Make us glad to be your servants, wherever you place us. We pray in your tender and powerful name. Amen."

-Scotty Smith