Expectant Faith

by Pastor John

Over the past few days, we've been launching into "faith". For today's Scripture, glance over these Five verses about faith in the Gospel of Mark. I can't say anything better than what is said below. So I'll leave you with a question: Do you believe?

"...most problems are faith problems. For example, you don’t usually have people converted unless you believe they are going to be converted. If you really, in your heart, don’t expect people to be converted, usually they won’t get converted. Therefore, I would urge upon you the importance of examining your faith...ask yourself, 'Do I witness with strong confidence that people to whom I speak will be converted? Do I preach with expectancy, believing that the Holy Spirit will regenerate hearts as I declare His Word?' Or, 'Do I have secret feelings in my heart that God isn’t going to use me? Do I have confidence that God really means the free offer of the gospel and wants to take people to His heart by saving them?'.... do you see the congregation by faith? Do you have a picture of the stubborn ones changed by grace as you pray—or have you mentally given up on some of them?..."

-Jack Miller, written to a pastor struggling with his call to ministry. But don't you see yourself in the doubts?

Prayer: I believe. Help my unbelief.