Unbelieving Generation

Mark 9:14-29

by Imani

Many of us read the Gospels and think how could the disciples be so blind? Jesus told and show them who He is whether it is performing miracles right before their eyes, predicting his own death, and/or his predicting his own resurrection. The disciples and the crowds underestimated Jesus while continuously seeing him as the Jewish king who would free them from Roman oppression.  “Jesus may have been the Son of Man, but not the Son of God”, they would whisper. Does this sound familiar? Don’t we try to tame God by placing him a box that our minds can wrap around?

Why did the father wait so long to ask Jesus’s healing for his demon-possessed son? Why did he doubt that Jesus could heal his son even when he asks Jesus for help? Even in the father’s second response to Jesus, he is still doubtful Jesus can heal his son and the Lord knew this. The father states “…But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us” in Mark 9:22. What has God done in your life? Think about all the things Jesus has blessed us with besides waking up in the morning. I mean real stumbling blocks that God has truly moved you from. He has walked with us through storms, set us free from sin, and still loves us even when He knows we are going to disobey Him and turn to idolatry. Little did the father know in asking Jesus Christ to heal his son, he would be healed as well. According to Mark 9, Jesus showed his power and authority through spoken commandments which restores the father’s unbelief.

Psalm 139:1 states the Lord searches us and knows our hearts. Let us take Jesus out of our secure boxes and allow him to be wild in working in our lives as he done so many times before without any help from us. Jesus is pleased with our repentance and acknowledges our doubtfulness. He is not afraid of our shortcomings and gives us a measure of faith. He gives us just enough so that we live in the palm of His hand where nothing or no one can pluck us.