Do You See?

Mark 8:22-26

by Chad V.

Jesus is the great miracle worker. Even today, Jesus is giving life to the spiritually dead, and giving sight to those who are spiritually blind. In this passage Jesus heals the physical sight of a blind man.

But in this passage it's more of a process. It takes Jesus two tries in order to restore sight to this blind man. Surely, Jesus could have healed this man without two touches (and certainly without spit!), but maybe there is something there for us to see. For some it's a touch from Jesus, for others it's a word, but with all of them Jesus has his own personal way that he cares for us.

We're halfway through Mark's gospel, and even his closest followers and still trying to figure out who this Jesus is. Sometimes the act of 'seeing' is a process for many of us. Our journey to faith in Christ isn't always an instantaneous occurrence (although it certainly does happen) and is no less beautiful and wonderful.