Storytime with Jesus?

Mark 4:1-9

by Pastor John

This Sunday we'll be looking at some parables that Jesus teaches.

But far from being nice allegorical tales told at story time, the parables are Jesus' way of unsettling us. They are much more of a hard nudge from Jesus rather than an insightful anecdote.

Let me explain. In the parable of the sower, Jesus tells of seed that was scattered. The seed represents God's message about Jesus and His kingdom coming into this world that would call people to reorient their entire lives. The different ways the seed grows (or doesn't) represent ways people can respond to the message about King Jesus.

The first seed is snatched up by birds as soon as it is laid down.

Other seed falls on rocky ground. The rocks in Jesus' story would have been warmed by the sun, causing the seed to sprout. Yet the seeds never take root and are dried up quickly by the sun.

Other seed fall among thorns and are choked.

But some seeds fall on good soil and grow beyond expectation.

But rather than wrapping the parable up with a nice bow, Jesus leaves us, and everyone listening, just hanging.

He simply says, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

It is almost a mike-drop moment.

But why would Jesus leave everyone hanging? What does Jesus want people to consider? What does Jesus want you to consider?

More tomorrow.