Jesus, set me free

Mark 5:1-20

By Ozzie G.

Jesus came to serve and not to be served. In this passage we see how Jesus crosses a lake of water. Not an easy task if you know that as soon as you land you'll be confronted by two thousand demons. My point is that, nothing can or will stop Jesus when He wants to visit you and give you what you need most; namely, Freedom.

We see here that not only there is a man who is demon possessed being affected, but a whole community is being tormented by the man and his demons. This brings to mind our own daily local news reports about the violence inflicted upon our own communities in South Florida and nation. 

People had made attempts to help this man to no avail. It was the wrong help as it were, since chains and shackles and jails and medicine have never changed a man's behavior. Man can further imprison the natural man even with his best attempts.  We can deduct from this lesson that people are not able to help you in areas that only Jesus (your Creator) can.  You many have tried to run to your family or friends in the past, only to be disappointed. Romance has left you broken hearted. Liquor has caused you sickness. Riches have left you empty and even our own clever and well intentions some times have only further damaged us by pointing us in the wrong direction. Jesus however can redeem all your failures and pain. When He visits you with his open hand, his help is effective and permanent. Life giving. Permanent because he is eternal, ever present and has promised to never leave you nor forsake you if you come to him as this Garasene man did.

Often, dire need is the best prescription to lead you to Jesus. When all things have failed you, go to Jesus. You can't be disappointed in Him because unlike your friends and family, he is not from below but from above for He is the only true God who has come to us.

The story relates that the man was as good as dead, for he lived with the dead in the tombs. And isn't that how God sees those who have no knowledge of Him? Who have not received nor invited the author of life into their minds and heart? How can anybody be alive while rejecting the author of life? 

This man was the perfect candidate to invite demons and devils who had come to him by the hundreds. They had found a happy home for themselves while tormenting the house owner until Jesus showed up and cast them all out and restored this prodigal son back to his right mind.

Today says the Bible, if you hear the voice of God, do not harden your heart because today even now is the day of salvation. Jesus did not just cross a lake for you and me. He descended from the highest heights to visit us and give us true and lasting Freedom. A bird born in a cage would never boast of flying until its owner sets him free. In the same way, a man cannot experience freedom until he has been set free by his maker. But just like the bird may believe that his cage is all that there is, it will never know what it is like to fly and tell his story about living in a cage. Likewise, this Garasene man once free, was sent to his town, to his own people to show them his freed but scarred wrists and ankles. He said: What you could not do for me, my Lord has done for me. He has set me free.

The invitation is for you today. Jesus wants to set you free of old chains and heavy burdens, if you only run to Him as this Garasene walking-dead man did. Today is the day to be set free by Jesus .