The Unforgivable Sin

Mark 3:20-30

By Pastor John

Have you committed the unforgivable sin?

Not if you are a true believer.

Today's passage is one of the most misunderstood in the Bible. Many followers of Jesus have laid awake at night wondering if their sin is so bad that it is unforgivable. This passage is a reminder that interpreting the Bible properly is so important.

As Jesus' popularity grew, his family had a hard time with it, for they knew him well.

But the teachers of the law were even more troubled by Jesus' popularity. They thought that the power He displayed was actually from Satan, not the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is baffled by their lack of logic. Why would he cast out demons from people if he himself were from Satan?

Would Tom Brady score a touchdown against his own team? If you're a Dolphins fan, you wish he would. But the answer is "no". And the answer is the same for Jesus. He cannot be using evil powers to drive out evil powers. It doesn't make sense.

But Jesus has a further warning for the teachers. For the person who persistently hardens their heart to the Holy Spirit's work and rejects the Spirit's message about Jesus Christ as the Savior, there is no forgiveness. For this is to reject God's offer of salvation. And how can there be forgiveness of sins through Jesus when one rejects the offer of forgiveness of sins through Jesus? There are no other options. 

So believer, if you are worried that you have committed the unforgivable sin, that in itself is probably evidence that you HAVEN'T committed it, for that shows your openness to the Holy Spirit's conviction and your concern to please Jesus.

Have you spoken hastily or disrespectfully about Jesus? This is not the unforgivable sin. This is sin, but there is forgiveness for this sin. Just ask Peter. If you have committed this sin, ask Jesus for forgiveness like you have for all your other sins.

Prayer: Father, thank you that I am completely forgiven through Jesus. I pray for my friends and family who reject Jesus. Father, by the Spirit's power, open their heart to follow Jesus and receive salvation through Him!