the Twelve

Mark 3:13-18

by Pastor John

Think fast. Your friend asks you what is meant by the word "apostle". What would you say?

In this passage, Jesus chooses twelve to be apostles. While a disciple is someone who follows Jesus and submits to His teaching, an apostle is someone who was physically present with Jesus sent by Him with His authority to represent Him. Look at 3:14-15 to discover the three reasons why Jesus appointed the twelve apostles.  What are they?

1. To be physically in the presence of Christ. By being in His presence, the apostles become reliable witnesses. In fact, after Judas betrays Jesus, they replace him with someone who was present with Jesus during His ministry, death and resurrection. To be an apostle, one must have been physically present with Jesus.

2. To be sent out to preach. The apostles become testifiers of Jesus, and their testimony becomes the foundation of the church.

3. To have authority to cast out demons. God's kingdom has broken into our world through the ministry of Jesus. Now the representatives that Jesus sends out have authority over the realm of darkness as well.

Why does all this matter? It helps us trust our roots. In selecting the apostles, Jesus was laying a foundation for the rest of His disciples throughout history. This foundation would be reliable andtrustworthy, have spiritual power and assurance, and ensure faithfulness to Christ.

That foundation is your foundation. When you read Scripture, you are reading the testimony of the apostles that has been preserved for you. Let that reassure and comfort you this morning.

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for thinking of us, 2000 years later, when you selected the twelve as a foundation for your church. Help us to carry on their testimony and remain faithful to you and your kingdom. Amen.