Delivered from Darkness

Mark 5:1-20

by Chad V.

Here within these 20 verses we have a peculiar subject written about extensively in the gospel accounts, but something we rarely see here in the West. Mark focuses on the spiritual forces of darkness manifested in the life of one young man. Now at first glance this might seem to us as something that was more frequent in ancient days than today. But if we look closer we see this all around us.

What we find when we look closer at the description Mark gives to this young man is something that characterizes so many people. He was isolated, left alone. His family, friends, neighbors...everyone had given up on him. Hopeless. He had done harm to himself (cutting) and to others. Does that sound like anyone you know? They might be demon possessed, but the description sounds like so many hurting people in our community.

And yet when confronted with Jesus, all the spiritual forces of darkness are subject to him. They cower before him begging and pleading not to be destroyed. What we see is not a cosmic sumo match between good and evil in Scripture, no, Jesus actually gives demons permission! Jesus is more powerful than the enemy of this world and for us as believers the promise is that if we are found in Christ, than his power within us is greater is greater than that of Satan and the powers of darkness in this world (1 John 4:4).

Many people, when hearing that story, don't know how to process such bizarre events. They just don't see things like that today. So they ask Jesus to leave those spaces-seeking rather to turn to things that we can explain rationally. But not for the man who had just been delivered... something miraculous has happened, he ends up telling the entire town! For us who have been delivered from the kingdom of darkness and placed into the kingdom of light, we can't keep this miraculous news to ourselves. Jesus has power over all evil and if he is for us, then by comparison nothing can be against us (Romans 8:31). That is such good news, worth sharing with everyone we know.