Sunday at Arts Park/Young Circle

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This Sunday we'll have our last service of the year in Arts Park/Young Circle in East Hollywood. Details below.

We'll start a new series called "CULTIVATE" about how to develop change, growth and renewal in your life and relationships in 2018.

We often think of ourselves as consumers who need new things. But consumerism numbs us, and doesn't bring change on a deep level. As citizens of God's kingdom, we are following Jesus, who is making all things new.

In this series, you'll learn how to stop taking culture and start making it in your own life and relationships around you. You'll learn how to cultivate.

See you Sunday.


-Download parking info.
-Bring a lawn chair or blanket.
-The service will be shorter than normal, so please bring the kids. -There is a small charge for parking (maybe $1.50).
-We'll meet in the NW quadrant of the park.