"And He healed many..."

Mark 1:29-34

by Tony

AND (catch that device?), wherever Jesus goes, there is grace, and there is healing, AND, there is teaching that cuts to the core, cuts to the chase.  No muss, no fuss.  Jesus seems to always move and speak with an economy that doesn't match the power being wielded.  And, wherever he goes, true life is given.

And in this episode, on the heels of amazing teaching and a spectacular exorcism, it seems a retreat is in order, and was being made to the home of the fishermen disciples.  Busy day!  Ah, but no, the 2nd shift is just beginning!  

Simon's mother-in-law isn't doing very well, she has a fever.  Now, to us, that may not be a big deal, but for them, it was serious.  Walgreen's hasn't arrived on every downtown corner quite yet, and death was not uncommon for what, to us, might be a relatively minor thing.  Look at how Jesus takes this news in, how gently and graciously he acts.  He takes her by the hand and just lifts her up, as a gentleman would assist any woman needing a gentle, polite assist, to arise from a resting position. And, where does she go?  To the office of grateful service.

But the King's kindness doesn't end with that, he doesn't punch out for the day, his compassion is exercised all the more, for, due to his fame spreading to the whole area code, people brought their beloved and friends for healing and freedom, freedom from afflictions of flesh and afflictions of soul.

And look at what happens in just five verses!  Healing, glad service, people bringing people to Jesus, demons removed and shut up.  In these five verses, the King of the Universe is speaking healing and life into people, his touch is gentle, polite even, yet inexplicably and powerfully moving; none are refused, and with ease, a city is made sickness- and demon-free!

And what about you, beloved?  Has the King not touched you but in the most kind and compelling way?  Is he not worthy of every glad service?  And who do you know, what friend, neighbor, relation, needs to be brought to him for healing, for life/salvation?  What about our city?

Prayer:  King Jesus, you move and speak with incredible brevity, compassion; entirely at ease.  Nothing is difficult for you.  Speak into my life, by your holy and powerful Word.  Heal me.  And I gladly serve you.  In your grace-laden name, Amen.