The Outsider

Mark 1:40-45

by Dan

Banished from family, friends, and home, a leper faced a long slow painful death and ongoing lonely isolation.  In spite of not feeling physical pain, lepers could feel the emotional pain of being cut off from everyone they loved.

Then Jesus entered a leper’s life when he approached Jesus, kneeled, and asked to be healed. Jesus had compassion for the leper, moved toward him, and touched him.  This was radically counter cultural.  Jesus touched the leper and he was immediately healed.  This culturally unclean man’s life was changed.  The result of this healing went “viral” about what Jesus had done.

Compassionate engaging of people in their situation can open the way for the Gospel of Jesus to cross cultural, racial, and economic barriers.  Moving compassionately into the lives of the discounted and marginalized is listening to their story, understanding their struggles, building a relationship, and guiding them to the ultimate relationship with Jesus and His gift of eternal life. That’s what Jesus did!

Prayer: Jesus, gives us your heart. Help us not merely to have compassion, but to act with compassion.