Small Group Sign-Up

This Sunday after our worship service, we'll take a break to eat pizza and check on the kids. Then we will gather together to share info and launch our small groups. We'll talk more about the groups on Sunday, including the vision and purpose of these groups and pick a name for them. But here are some quick facts about the groups:

Size: the groups are made of 3-5 people. This size allows more conversation and makes it easier to find a meeting time common to everybody.

Time Span: the groups will meet from January to May.

Meeting Frequency: the groups will meet approximately three times a month at a time and place convenient for the group members.

Purpose: the groups exist to help each other grow as followers of Jesus. This growth occurs as the group gets to know each other, reads a book together, and prays for one another.

Focus:  the groups will center their meeting time around David Platt's book, Follow Me (you can read more below). Each time they meet, they'll talk about a chapter in the book.

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Do you have a suggestion for the name of these groups? If you'd like to vote or suggest a name, or sign up for a group, fill out the form below:


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It is easier to meet with your group if you live closer together.
The purpose of the groups is to grow together as followers of Jesus.
Do you need assistance buying David Platt's book?
Read a  review  of Platt's book by Tim Challies.

Read a review of Platt's book by Tim Challies.