Forward in July

New City,

July is often the month that churches take a pause. Attendance is slow. Giving drops. Volunteers are hard to find.

But with so many opportunities to share the Gospel, live out God's kingdom, and walk together, why slow down? Why not move FORWARD?

Let's continue together FORWARD towards our vision of being "God's blended family joining together to worship Jesus and do Spirit-led deeds of justice and mercy for the good of our city."

Here are some great opportunities we have before us:


1. FORWARD with reaching our city - We have a great opportunity to minister Christ's love in practical ways on July 4th. God has put these items in our hands:
-bags of food.
-several Publix gift cards.
-a sign that says "Need Prayer?".
-dozens of water bottles.
-a great team of people who love people and love Christ.

How can we use these things to share the love of Christ on July 4th?

Let me know if you have an idea. 

2. FORWARD with new people - we have opportunities to share the vision of New City, as well as host our own preview service on July 24th. Let's ask God to grow our numbers as we meet new people.



3. FORWARD with some other things that will be revealed soon!

All this means FORWARD in JULY. We are praying that we gain some serious ground during this month. Let me ask you to #OwnTheGrowth by asking yourself:

Who can you invite?
How can you contribute your time, treasure and talents?
Which area do you sense God calling you to pray for?


Let’s serve, grow and move FORWARD together in July.

Pastor John