One-Year Bible Reading Plan: WHICH?

Every year around this time, people commit to reading through the Scriptures in the coming year. It is a challenging feat that takes some careful planning and discipline. The most basic decision is “which Bible reading plan will I undertake”?

There are plans that focus on reading the Old and New Testaments together. Other plans order the Bible chronologically in the original sequence of historical events. Still, others focus on reading a chapter from each section of Scripture (history, prophets, Gospels, etc).

I want to propose another option put together by The Bible Project. The base of their plan is pretty simple: you read several chapters of Scripture every day starting from Genesis and ending in Revelation. Every day, you also read through a Psalm, which can be the focus of your prayers.

What’s so special about that?

What makes this Bible reading plan unique is the companion videos. The Bible Project has put together fantastic videos explaining the theme and purpose of every book in the Bible. They’ve also made videos that have to do with various overarching Biblical themes. Take 15 minutes to watch this video on the book of Psalms and the Biblical theme of “heaven and earth”. It is worth your time:


Did you gain some perspective and learn something new? Of course. You saw a structure and purpose behind the book of Psalms that you probably wouldn't have noticed if you just opened to a random chapter and read. And if you watched through the end of "Heaven & Earth", you came to a deeper understanding of why our church is called "New City".

What makes The Bible Project’s reading plan unique is the companion videos. I find that when people read through the Bible, they may not have the tools to make sense of what they are reading. They get lost in the trees because they can’t see the forest. The Bible Project’s plan helps you keep perspective on what you’re reading by including around one hundred video interludes.

So during your ten days in Leviticus, three separate videos are offered to help you understand the overarching theme of what you’re reading. And they’re very easy to find. Just google “The Bible Project Leviticus” and it should pop up as a YouTube link.

Check out the plan.

Look for the next blog post: “One-Year Bible Reading Plan: WHY?”